3D-Secure Authentication
Let’s Secure the Online Transactions. Hop on to your bank’s website and register NOW.

What is VBV and MCSC?
VBV – Verified by Visa or MCSC – MasterCard SecureCode
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What is “extra level of authentication (or) 3D Secure Authentication”?
Extra level is a password that you have to enter after entering your credit/debit card details while making online payments.
Is it mandatory to use this technology?
RBI has made it mandatory from 01 August 2009 onwards, to make online shopping safer.
How to get this ‘extra password’?
a. Login to your Issuing Bank’s website
b. Click on a link for Register your card for VBV/MCSC
c. A new password will be provided to you, which you can use while doing an online transaction.
PN: Each bank has its own process for card registration.
ABN Amro Axis Bank Citibank Deutsche Bank
HDFC Bank HSBC Bank ICICI Bank Karur Vysya Bank
Standard Chartered State Bank of India
Where to enter the “Extra Password”?
Every time when you purchase from any Merchant's Website, after entering your card details on the payment page, you will be redirected to your bank’s website. In the bank’s website you need to enter your VBV/MCSC password. You will be redirected back to the Merchant's Website for completing the process.
Does every bank support this technology?
The RBI notification concerns cards issued within India only. If your card is issued outside India, your online transactions will go through even without this extra authentication step. If your card is issued in India, we suggest you look for a new bank.