With the expanding reach of the internet in India we are witnessing a revolution of sorts. The regions and areas that were accessible with difficulties earlier are now being connected faster. The internet has enabled people from one part of the globe to communicate faster and more efficiently with people from the opposite side of the world.

Increasing expansion of internet has also brought about the online shopping trend in India as well. Many hundreds of entrepreneurs are launching their own online businesses in India every day to take complete benefit of this amazing opportunity. As with any business plan, the ecommerce business also needs to be well-planned and feasible in nature. There are a few special factors that need to be addressed before establishing an online business. One of the most important from these factors is the type of payment system being used on the shopping website.

Ingenico ePayments India Private Limited, from Mumbai, has been voted as the top online payment service provider in India since the past decade. The company has been providing extensive and comprehensive internet payment services and systems to a large variety of online businesses. These payment services are aimed at improving the efficiency and security of the payment system for online shopping.
The company provides bespoke online payment gateway services for any type of online business belonging to any industrial sector. The company designs their payment systems to suit the specific needs and improve the current payment system effectively.

Ingenico ePayments India Private Limited online payment services let the merchant accept payment from credit and debit cards belonging to major international banks and global card-issuing companies. This service allows merchants to accept payments from multiple international currencies.

The company offers the best in convenience for the user (customer) through integrating various features. These advanced features allow regular customers to store their required information (such as card details, shipping address, etc) with the online payment system on the merchant website. The user simply has to check-out after having selected their products and the payment system selects the stored information for the transaction.

The vast safety features are some of the best in Ingenico ePayments India Private Limited payment services. The company follows the strictest and most stringent security protocols when it comes to data security. The online payment system by Ingenico ePayments India Private Limited allows for transferring and receiving of valuable user-information using the safest and most secure channel for internet communication.

Apart from this, there are other safety features that protect the merchant from fraudulent activities on their websites. The highly-advanced fraud detection and prevention tools help in recognizing the fraud patterns and avoiding losses by halting the particular payment process.

Ingenico ePayments India Private Limited has been voted as the leading and most efficient payment service provider for online business websites due to the integration of the latest technology in the system. Each bespoke payment service package by the company is designed to be best-suited for the individual client’s requirements and enable better user experience through efficient online payment procedure.