Payment Gateway For Android Smartphones

With the fast pace at which technology is advancing today, India is not far behind in adapting to it. According to data from the 2014 MasterCard Online Shopping Survey, the number of Indian online shoppers using mobile smartphones to make purchases stood at around 63%, which has steadily grown with the current over 220 million people having access to Android-based smartphones (according to Counterpoint Research, US).

Need for better Online Payment Gateway services

As the numbers of online shoppers using mobile smartphones increase daily, it becomes pertinent for online businesses to adapt to this advancing trend. Today, there are a handful of leading service providers of online payment services who are efficient in giving the best and most effective payment gateway solution in Android in India. Leading payment service providers, such as Ingenico ePayments India Private Limited from Mumbai, have been providing the most advanced and efficient online payment collection services for a large variety of e-commerce websites and e-tail shopping platforms in India as well as abroad. Since its establishment more than a decade ago, Ingenico ePayments India Private Limited has been known for providing online merchant clients with comprehensive, customized online payment gateway solutions.

According to various internet-based studies, it has been found that user-experience at a website plays a very important role in existing customer retention as well as attracting new users to the online business website.

How Ingenico ePayments India Private Limited helps with effective and innovative Payment Gateway Solutions for Android mobile apps

Ingenico ePayments India Private Limited has been maintaining its leading position by providing the most advanced and efficient tools and systems to ensure better user payment experience, which results in improved ROI and overall increased profits.

This has been achieved through ensuring that each client gets a specifically-designed online payment gateway that is best-suited for improving the efficiency and safety of the online business payment process. These are a few effective features that allow Ingenico ePayments India Private Limited-powered online merchants to get advanced online payment solutions such as payment gateway for Android smartphones.

Diverse Payment Options

Ingenico ePayments India Private Limited provides online merchants with the tools to accept payments for their products or services through a variety of methods, such as credit/debit card, online banking, mobile banking, digital wallets, etc. Apart from this the payment gateway in mobile also allows merchants to accept payments in a large variety of internationally-popular currency, such as US Dollar, Euro, Indian Rupee, Australian Dollar, etc. amongst more than 10 other currencies from around the world.

Efficient Shopping Experience

The efficiency of Ingenico ePayments India Private Limited mobile smartphone payment gateway systems can be measured by the comparatively faster time it takes for online businesses to launch their upgraded mobile smartphone payment apps. This mobile payment gateway system also syncs with all popular shopping carts to give users a seamless and convenient experience.

Another one of the many efficient features of the payment gateway is the option for regular users to store their essential information, such as card details or shipping address information, for saving time in the payment process every time they shop at the particular website. This information is private and is secured using the strictest data storage standards of today.

India, being a country with more than 1 billion people is already the 2nd largest smartphone user, upsetting the US with over 220 million mobile smartphone users, and increasing every day. Smart and enterprising businesses are optimizing their websites as well as their e-commerce platforms to reach out and tap into the potentially lucrative mobile online shopping of India. With reliable payment gateway providers, such as Ingenico ePayments India Private Limited designing innovative payment gateway tools for Android smartphones it is becoming easier for smaller and larger businesses to reach out to the new emerging market equally.