When you are at a brick-and-mortar store, you do not need any technology to know when the buyers are getting annoyed and frustrated. Body language and voices/murmurs show that the credit card payment machine is not functioning well enough and the payment process is getting tiring for the customers. Online merchants also always want to know what the causes are behind annoyance of the online shoppers. A number of factors, including slow uploading of the website, a crashing or unpredictable Visa payment gateway, and other abnormalities can give rise to an annoyed customer behavior.

There is quite a lot of distance between the online seller and the customer, and only technology can provide inputs that can help create ways for improving the online consumer experience. Better consumer experience can increase sales revenues by up to 30%. Hence, any online business can get sale/revenue benefits when it follows the consumer-friendly measures.

The new insights

New research shows that the way the computer “mouse” moves during an online shopping process shows the way the customer feels about the e-commerce portal. Mouse movements are the depictions of emotions. When the customer likes the seamless navigation of your e-commerce portal, the mouse follows a gently curved or a straight path. When the consumer is annoyed towards the imperfections of the business portal, or when he /she makes sense of things in an incomplete or tiring way, the mouse movements become imprecise or jagged. These kinds of movements show that the customer is getting confused or upset with the online shopping process and is having a bad experience.

The impact can be quite colossal. A customer would not come back to your e-commerce portal and also may not refer to it positively to others. You stand to lose much of your business if your website is not created in a flawless and modern manner, and does not have an efficient payment gateway that has modern and exclusive features.

3D Secure

A merchant gets benefited from the 3D Secure feature that is today offered by Visa Verified and MasterCard Secure. The feature adds another layer of security to the online transactions. Use of SSL technology is now basic. The payment gateway should be compliant with the latest PCI: DSS 3.0 norm, and it is better if it has more/additional security features. For instance, the Ingenico ePayments India Private Limited payment gateway has secondary features like Device Fingerprinting, IP Geolocation, real-time behavioral mapping and others to make online transactions exceptionally secure.

Number of payment modes

Your eCommerce portal needs to have all kinds of payment modes. It should have the MasterCard/Visa payment gateway, debit card/cash card payment gateway and other payment modes. Ingenico ePayments India Private Limited offers you a payment gateway that has more than 100 payment options.

The smartphone/mobile aspect

Mobile commerce will have around 40% share of the total business that is done online, soon. The share will only increase in future. Apart from the PC version, your online business must also have a responsive, intuitive and consumer friendly mobile App. Debit/credit card online payment gateway for mobile/smartphone should also be secure.