How do I change the admin panel Password? [Play Video] Merchant admin panel password is originally sent to your registered email ID. We recommend changing the password periodically. The new password should be alphanumeric and between 7 to 10 characters. Special characters may also be used.

How do I reset a forgotten password? [Play Video] The 'Forgot password' link sends a reset password link to your registered email ID. Following this link will enable you to reset the password.

How do I add my company logo to the payment page? [Play Video] The image has to be in gif, jpg or png format and the maximum size can be of 30Kb.

How do I restrict Billing and Shipping details in the Response? [Play Video] This is an option for Merchants having trouble in receiving the response for reasons corresponding to GET parameter size less than 1024 bytes.

How do I enable Secure Hash validation? [Play Video] Secure Hash is a technique used for checking and processing payment based on the authenticity of the request.