Debit card swipes at ATMs dropped to 655 million in May 2017 compared to 800 million in October 2016. Simultaneously, debit card usage at PoS terminals has risen by 90% since demonetisation.
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The talk of not just the town, but the country as a whole is the demonetization stint pulled by the Government on the 8th of November, 2016. While the currency modification paradigm was brought in place to prevent the hoarding and more
While there are a number of payment gateways and online payment service providers in India, only a few of them offer a robust and expeditious electronic payment system that can contribute towards greater payment success rates.

EBS, the leading online payment service provider in India, has introduced a new set of modern features in its payment gateway. ‘Smart Routing’ ensures that the best performing banking gateway is used to ensure maximum success rate; ‘Auto Retry’ allows end customers to retry a payment transaction for the same order ID thereby boosting success rates further and ‘Turbo Check Out’ ensures that end customers do not have to enter their card details (card number & expiry date) every time if they choose to save it on that ecommerce website.

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The online e-commerce industry is growing at a fast pace, and some speculate the growth to be 10 times faster than the growth of brick-and-mortar stores. Any online business can collect payments through a payment gateway. The ease and time of on-boarding have always affected adversely the online businesses that wish to go live faster in order to curb opportunity losses.

EBS, the reputed Indian payment gateway provider, has augmented its payment gateway integration process, and is now helping an online business to go live in less than 24 hours. Read more
India, one of the fastest developing large economies, has recently launched an initiative called Startup India. The intention of this initiative, which is driven by the Government of India, is to promote the startup culture in India.

EBS (E-Billing Solutions), a leading online payments solution provider based in Mumbai, has been serving various online businesses and new internet-based ventures. Online payments management is one of the critical aspects required for any startup to succeed. EBS has been providing extensive online payment gateway services to numerous online ventures in India with the wide variety of innovative features. This encompasses E-commerce sectors such as E-tailing, Education, Travel, Utility payments, etc.
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The Indian mobile commerce space is blossoming and now has all the major international eCommerce players vying for presence and hold. The mobile commerce market in India is expected to reach the figure of USD 19 billion by the end of the year 2019, according to the Zinnov (a market research and analysis firm).

With more than 240 million smartphone users, India is also the second-largest smartphone market. The Internet in India is expanding at an exponential pace, and the introduction of the latest communication technologies, including 4G, has made it easy and convenient for the online shoppers make a purchase through their smartphones.

In line with these trends, EBS has already launched its iOS and Android payment gateway for online sellers in India, which has the capability of processing payments in a native manner for end customers using Seller’s Mobile Apps.
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EBS or E-Billing Solutions Ltd, one of the leading payment services in India, is now offering the online merchants a 24 hour onboarding process so that they can start collecting payments on their business websites in the least possible time interval. Read more
India’s consistent economic growth has improved the volumes of commerce in the country. E-Commerce and M-Commerce have also benefited with increasing living standards and income of the people of the country. India mobile commerce is expected to reach $19 billion by the year 2019 (Zinnov).

EBS is amongst the largest payment service provider in India. The pioneer company was the first in India to comply with the international PCI: DSS norms. EBS has always managed to supersede the aspirations of online merchants and customers by providing a technologically advanced payment gateway in eCommerce that has the most modern features for better payment success rates and security. The most secure payment service provider in India has now launched SDK's or Software Development Kits. 
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India has now more than 1 billion mobile subscribers, out of which 204 million are smartphone users (Statista). The vast mobile base of Indian e-commerce is lucrative enough for any business to seek entry into. With more than 40% sales of the major Indian e-commerce portals like Snap Deal coming through mobiles, the need for a secure and reliable mobile payment collection system, and payment gateway for mobile is immense.

EBS or E-Billing Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a leading payment service provider in India. EBS serves more than 8000 online merchants from India and abroad, through its state-of-the-art and featured payment gateway. EBS is also known as the most reliable and secure payment gateway provider in India. The market leader is now offering SDK's or Software Development Kits to all online business websites and e-commerce portals so that they can easily collect payments online through their business Apps. The EBS mobile payment gateway can be easily integrated with the Apps of businesses that run on the Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems.India has now more than 1 billion mobile subscribers, out of which 204 million are smartphone users (Statista). Read more
Smartphones are now ubiquitous. Any business should be able to cater its products and services to customers through its App, for registering growth in the current web market scenario. There are now 2.6 billion smartphone subscribers worldwide. The number will soon attain the figure of 6.1 billion by the year 2020. E-commerce portals in India had 78% of their web traffic coming from mobiles, and around 41% of sales are being done through mobile devices. Any business can capitalize on this huge market and make gains by having a business App for its website, which also has a secure payment collection system.

EBS, the renowned and best payment gateway provider in India (part of Ingenico Group) has taken a lead in offering its clients and customers an opportunity to collect payments from customers through their mobile Apps. Read more