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How do I change the admin panel Password?  [Play Video]

Merchant admin panel password is originally sent to your registered email ID.

We recommend changing the password periodically.

The new password should be alphanumeric and between 7 to 10 characters. Special characters may also be used.

How do I reset a forgotten password?  [Play Video]

The 'Forgot password' link sends a reset password link to your registered email ID.

Following this link will enable you to reset the password.

How do I add my company logo to the payment page?  [Play Video]

The image has to be in gif, jpg or png format and the maximum size can be of 30Kb.

How do I restrict Billing and Shipping details in the Response?  [Play Video]

This is an option for Merchants having trouble in receiving the response for reasons corresponding to GET parameter size less than 1024 bytes.

How do I enable Secure Hash validation?  [Play Video]

Secure Hash is a technique used for checking and processing payment based on the authenticity of the request.

How to Capture Payments?  [Play Video]

Capture is Merchant approving the transaction.

Capture can be done within 12 days from the date of transaction.

Settlement will be processed for only Captured Payments.

How to Cancel Payments?  [Play Video]

Merchants can Cancel for whom the order fulfillment cannot be performed.

Cancelling of payments does not incur the TDR charges.

The system auto cancels payments that are not captured in 12 days from the date of transaction.

How to Refund Payments?  [Play Video]

Refund is an automated process where the request is auto sent by the system to our acquiring bank.

The typical time frame for reversal could be anywhere between 5 to 7 working days.

TDR is applicable for refunds.

How do I create an Invoice?  [Play Video]

Creating an invoice generates a link following which your customers can make the payment.

How do I generate Cart buttons in the EBS shopping cart?  [Play Video]

This feature allows the addition of "Buy Now" buttons on Merchant website.

Instructions to fill EBS Application form  [ Play Video]

Check how to fill EBS Application.

Instructions to submit Bank letter  [ Play Video]

Check how to submit bank letter.

Instructions to submit signature verification letter  [ Play Video]

Check how to submit signature verification letter.

Instructions to fill Board resolution form  [ Play Video]

Check how to fill board resolution form.

Instructions to submit No Objection letter  [ Play Video]

Check how to submit no objection letter.

Instructions to submit Authority letter for credit check  [ Play Video]

Check how to submit authority letter for credit.

Instructions to fill undertaking letter for products and services sold in webpage registered with EBS  [ Play Video]

Check how to submit undertaking letter for credit.