What is NWD in HDFC Bank Statement? NWD charges in HDFC Bank in Hindi

NWD in Bank statement, NWD charges in HDFC Bank in Hindi: NWD, which stands for Network Withdrawal, is a significant term in the realm of banking, especially in the private sector. It refers to any transaction conducted at an ATM, primarily used by private sector banks like HDFC. These banks often employ various similar terms like EAW, OWD, ATW, ATS, NFS, and AWB for Automated Teller Machine withdrawals.

Specifically, NWD is the type of transaction in which a credit card issued by HDFC Bank is utilized to withdraw money from another bank’s ATM. However, it’s essential not to confuse NWD with EAW. EAW stands for External Automated Withdrawal, which is distinct from NWD and involves transactions from an external bank’s ATM.

NWD in HDFC Bank Statement

When an HDFC cardholder withdraws money from an ATM belonging to a bank other than HDFC, the transaction receipt will show the label “NWD,” indicating that the withdrawal was made using a different bank’s ATM. It’s worth noting that the commission charged for NWD transactions is often higher than that for transactions made using the bank’s own ATM card.

nwd in hdfc bank statement

On the other hand, if the HDFC cardholder performs a transaction at an HDFC bank’s ATM, they won’t incur NWD fees. However, in this scenario, an ATW charge will be applied to the customer. Many bank accounts provide a limited number of free transactions each month, after which additional charges are levied on the customer for ATM transactions.

What are NWD Charges in HDFC Bank?

The specific charges for NWD transactions in HDFC Bank can vary considerably, and certain accounts, such as salary accounts, may not incur NWD fees. Nevertheless, for those who are subject to NWD charges, the fees typically start at around Rs 25.

Overall, understanding the distinction between NWD and other related terms is essential for HDFC cardholders and individuals using ATMs from various banks. Staying informed about transaction charges and allowances can help customers make informed choices while managing their finances and utilizing ATM services effectively.

NWD Charges in HDFC Bank in Hindi

एनडब्ल्यूडी, जो नेटवर्क विदड्रॉल के लिए है, बैंकिंग के क्षेत्र में एक महत्वपूर्ण शब्द है, खासकर निजी क्षेत्र में। यह एटीएम पर किए गए किसी भी लेनदेन को संदर्भित करता है, जिसका उपयोग मुख्य रूप से एचडीएफसी जैसे निजी क्षेत्र के बैंकों द्वारा किया जाता है। ये बैंक अक्सर स्वचालित टेलर मशीन निकासी के लिए EAW, OWD, ATW, ATS, NFS और AWB जैसे विभिन्न समान शब्दों का उपयोग करते हैं।

विशेष रूप से, एनडब्ल्यूडी लेनदेन का प्रकार है जब एचडीएफसी बैंक द्वारा जारी क्रेडिट कार्ड का उपयोग किसी अन्य बैंक के एटीएम से पैसे निकालने के लिए किया जाता है। हालाँकि, यह आवश्यक है कि NWD को EAW के साथ भ्रमित न किया जाए। EAW का मतलब बाहरी स्वचालित निकासी है, जो NWD से अलग है और इसमें बाहरी बैंक के एटीएम से लेनदेन शामिल है।

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