SBI SMS Banking Registration, Activation, SBI SMS Banking Codes

SBI SMS Banking – SBI Quick Facility: SBI account holders can now enjoy the convenience of SBI SMS Banking and mobile services to access account information and a wide range of banking services. This user-friendly feature provides instant updates and allows users to conduct transactions at their own pace.

SBI SMS Banking makes it easy to manage your bank account. You can check your balance, pay bills, and conduct transactions securely from anywhere, anytime. There is no need to visit a branch or use a complicated online platform. SBI Quick brings together all of these services in one place, making it easy to access through SMS or missed calls.

Even if you are new to banking or technology, you can use SBI Quick. It is designed to be easy to use, so everyone can benefit from its features. It is a great way to stay connected with your finances and carry out essential transactions without stress.

Services Offered by SBI SMS Banking

sbi sms banking

Service SMS / Missed Call
Balance Enquiry “BAL” to 09223766666
Mini Statement “MSTMT” to 09223866666
Cheque Book Request “CHQREQ” to 09223588888
E-statement “ESTMT <space>Account Number<space><4 digit code to encrypt the PDF>” to 09223588888
Education Loan Interest Certificate “ELI<space>Account Number<space><4 digit code of account holder’s choice to encrypt the PDF> to 09223588888
Home Loan Interest Certificate “HLI <space>Account Number<space><4 digit code of account holder’s choice to encrypt the PDF>” to 09223588888
Block SBI ATM Card “BLOCK <space> <last four digits of the card number>” to 567676
Control ATM Card Usage “SWON / SWOFFATM / POS / ECOM / INTL / DOM <space> <last four digits of the card>” to 09223966666
Green PIN Facility “PIN <space> <last four digits of the debit card> <space> <last four digits of account number linked to the debit card>” to 567676
SBI Home Loan “HOME” to 09223588888
SBI Car Loan “CAR” to 09223588888
PM Social Security Schemes Through SBI Quick Application

SBI SMS Banking Registration

SBI account holders who want to use the convenient SBI SMS banking services can do so by following a simple one-time registration process.

To register for SBI SMS banking, you can send an SMS in the following format: “REG Account Number” to 09223488888. The SMS must be sent from the phone number that is already registered with your SBI account.

Once you have sent the registration SMS from the correct phone number, your account will be successfully registered for SMS banking. You can then enjoy the benefits of SBI SMS banking, which allows you to conveniently access various banking services from your fingertips.

SBI SMS banking makes it easy to check your account balance, manage your bank account, pay utility bills, and perform transactions. All you need to do is complete the one-time registration process, and you’ll be all set to enjoy the ease and efficiency of SBI SMS banking services.

How to De-Register SBI SMS Banking?

To cancel their registration for SBI Quick Service or SBI SMS banking, customers can send an SMS with the word “DREG” to the number 09223488888 from the phone number that is linked to their account.

SBI SMS Banking Registration: FAQs

How do I register for SBI SMS/Mobile Banking?

You can register for SBI SMS/Mobile Banking in two ways:
Via SMS: Send an SMS with the word “REG” and your account number to 09223488888.
Via ATM: Go to an SBI ATM and select the “Mobile Banking” option. Enter your account number and ATM PIN, and then select the “Register for SMS Banking” option.

What are the charges for SBI SMS/Mobile Banking?

There are no charges for registering for SBI SMS/Mobile Banking. However, there are some charges for using certain services, such as transferring funds and paying bills.

How do I unregister from SBI SMS/Mobile Banking?

To unregister from SBI SMS/Mobile Banking, send an SMS with the word “DREG” to 09223488888.

I have received a fraudulent SMS from SBI. What should I do?

If you have received a fraudulent SMS from SBI, do not reply to it. Instead, forward the SMS to 9980121122. You can also report the fraud to the nearest SBI branch.

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