South Indian Bank Account Balance Enquiry Using Missed Call & SMS

South Indian Bank Account Balance Enquiry Using Missed Call & SMS: South Indian Bank (SIB) is a prominent private financial institution in India, operating under public ownership. Its headquarters are located in Thrissur, Kerala. With a broad network, the bank serves customers through four service branches, 850 branches, 48 extension counters, and 20 regional offices across the country. Additionally, it boasts an extensive network of 1,320 ATMs and 17 Cash Deposit Machines spread all over the nation.

One of the remarkable accomplishments of South Indian Bank is being the first bank in Kerala to implement the core banking system, which allows seamless and integrated banking services for its customers. Right from its inception, the bank has placed significant importance on delivering exceptional customer service.

Appreciating the importance of keeping customers informed about their account details and transactions, the bank has taken proactive steps to provide updated information regarding their account balance and other relevant data. This ensures that customers can conveniently track their financial activities and make well-informed decisions.

SIB Missed Call Balance Enquiry number

To provide current account balance information, South Indian Bank has introduced a missed call service known as the SIB Missed Call Service. There is no charge for using this service.

Simply give a missed call to 09223008488 from your registered mobile phone with the bank, and you will receive account information within a few minutes.

sib account balance enquiry using missed call & sms

Services Balance Enquiry
SIB Missed Call Balance Enquiry Number 09223008488
SIB Account Balance Through Sms Sms BAL<four digit pin> to 09840777222
SIB Mini Statement Sms BAL<Four Digit Pin> to 09840777222

SIB account balance via SMS Service

To inquire about your account balance, you can conveniently use the text message service provided by South Indian Bank (SIB). Simply send an SMS in the format “BALXXXX” from your registered mobile number to 09840777222. Here, “XXXX” should be replaced with the last four digits of your primary account number. Similarly, if you wish to obtain a mini statement of your recent transactions, you can send an SMS with “TRNXXXX” to the same number 09840777222.

It is important to note that to use the SMS service, you should have a Personal Identification Number (PIN) associated with your account. If you do not have a PIN yet, you can contact the bank in person and request one. They will assist you in obtaining the necessary PIN to access these services securely.

In addition to the SMS service, you can also check your account balance and conduct various banking activities through SIB’s Internet banking platform. If you already have an “Internet Banking Login Pass,” you can easily log in to the bank’s official website and access your account information.

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